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So we want to help where we are welcome to do!


So we have created and tested this silver pendant dedicated the healing or protection of the Dengue Fever.

It has a good long list of positive reactions. Comforting. Bringing back the Appetite. Painkiller. Giving a good long sleep.

We arrived at the hospital or at home after the good doctors work and therefore only know about the situation after – but honest would love that the image could protect or kill the virus before the impact on our body.


We stress that it is not replacing any of the professional doctors and nurses knowledge and medicine which with their knowhow and remedies heal the Dengue Fever..


We can’t for now say that it protect us. But during the time of the design of the drawing the intension was held high and focused on the healing of Dengue Virus or killing it before its impact.

The silver pendant is 3 inches. We hope we can get funds enough to stance the image out so we can produce as many as possible.

Look up and learn more about what we do in Bali and our long experiences in healing with Silver Pendants.


It is focusing on the Dengue Fever. It might have effect on other virus. But since AIDS is an Virus I better be out quick and say that it does not kill the AIDS Virus.

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  1. Alethea
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    The article has really peaks my interest.
    Iwill bookmark your website and keep checking for new tips.

  2. Per Brahe
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    Dear Alathea
    please staying contact we have a lot of healing product to come for various mental and physical problems. love Erik Wahyudi.

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