The Love.

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The Heart Chakra/The Love Pendant …The wide knowledge we carry in the heart have many words. Our first 7 categories carry all a main pendant that is connected to the energy system in our body named Chakras. But the Chakras is in function all the time in a human beings body. So we gave the chakras name after what we found useful in life. Later we sill dive deeper into the old knowledge and add some of that to the pendants. Anyway we find the seven chakra pendants beautiful and functional. They are very powerful in use and truly fulfill the function that is implanted in the design. And the dedication as well:

For people who deal with the open heart energy every day it is important to be stimulated and protected. It is often a lonesome rider that carry the burden of a raw unforgiven world. But how raw the world turn anyway the heart energy will move on…For those in this world that in this moment are in need for some heart support we send this message out and hope it will comfort as many who are in need. Love Wayan Erik Wahyudi. Per Brahe ┬áBALI.

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    Thank you for the great info! I would never have gotten this by myself!

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