No Jet Lag


The ideal image for the traveller of long or short distances.


Product Description

What if:

Jet-Lag is a “long time talked about” that itself can have a psychological impact. Then we are talking about a stack of images that we can remove. The silver pendants we have created for 5 years now tells us that in facts it is possible to replace negative images with positive images.

Well physically it is another thing. We have design images on paper before we got to the silver product to see if we could ease up the impact of traveling. And we could. So this is for sure No Jet Lag.

If you travel a lot this is a great help. Know it works. Dont believe.


When you place and order we get it automatic to our email and we will contact you about the payments. We do not use PayPal.

update: 06/04/2018



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