No Depression


In our world Depression is a contraction – and it is negative  images that create the Contraction. This Silver Pendant intend to replacing negative images with positive images.


Product Description


Before we created healing images imbedded in silver  we made the healing pendants on small paper labels we laminated.

Our friends and students had them everywhere. ( We still do those images ) In our excitements back then we help all over for what ever people around us asked us to do for them. So with such a growing huge knowledge and also surprise we asked a friend to tell us about a well known medicine intended to ease depression. By listening to the intentions of the medicine we made a drawing of what we just heard. That image was tested right on the spot and had the intended impact on our friend’s body and mind.

We crossed the line – from making love images, good fortune images, TAKSU etc. we suddenly found that we were standing out in a field where only well educated doctors share knowledge and results.

We knew. But we had to help that small group we could help with this silver pendant.

Please notice that we have created a variation of the anti depressive pendants …but we do not make them and have them in stock in a huge pot. Each one is created to the individual. We make the drawing send it via email and test its effect and if it works we secure it in silver. Contact confidential:

We also go the other way around and have two versions of the song FUN FUN FUN I AM THE ONLY ONE. It work very well too. it is not on display yet. But ask us and we can send the design so you can see it….it is great.



When you place and order we get it automatic to our email and we will contact you about the payments. We do not use PayPal.

update: 06/04/2018





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