I am Unique



Product Description

Yes, you are. You just forgot it maybe somebody told you to do this and this but not this. And slowly but surely you started to live

others’ life and incorporated likes and life qualities that wasn’t yours.

And one day you may find your self in a situation where you feel a glimpse of YOU.

You think you are alone but you are actually ALL ONE.

For a few seconds, you are filled of YOU.

You became Unique.

This silver pendants internal image gives you a long stimulation that removes what isn’t you and gives you the confidant of

being unique outstanding loveable.

Get Two…yeah one for your partner or best friend so you can develop it all together.

The design is a-symmetric to underscore the idea of being off the mundane tracks

The stone can be any stone you like.


Copyright: I Wayan Erik Wahyudi, Bali August 16th 2020.

Updated 16 of August 2020


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