Direct Painkiller ( Hangover)


It is what we call a direct painkiller. It cure hangover or other pain issues that appear on the spot.


Product Description

In our PowerSilverShop we have two images to ease pain.

One we named THE ULTIMATE HEALING PENDANT and this one we call DIRECT PAINKILLER. Our intention is to use this one if a pain comes from burning, mosquito bites, stings, Sport and all the small wounds we can get during a day. We got it back from the silversmith the day a big wedding in our community and a good friend came for a needed help with a traditional hangover. He became our first “patient”. IT WORKS

The general damage alcohol can do to the body will not be restored by this silver.


When you place and order we get it automatic to our email and we will contact you about the payments. We do not use PayPal.

update: 06/04/2018



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