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We are still in progress in our work to discover what sort of image we can do toi help the body to survive not only illnesses but also what daylight life put on us of negative stuff.

How to get it off our shoulders. How not to be burden by all the negative images of fear thet daylight are put on us.

We do make silver pendants that contain images that stimulate the body to positive life and a day by day increase of

love and joy.

You ask us you tell us and we can create right on the spot and help you as we have helped many others.

There is a interesting line where the work separate …..Joy, love, will ┬ápleasure is sort of on the right side of the line. You can call it healing but sometimes we are asked to go the the other side of the line and help people with asthma, Migraine, Stress Lupus constant flue. That is where the doctors operate. Yes we go there if we are asked and knowing that there is a doctor or team of doctors that support the person who needs special silver to support the doctors work. We do that of respect of the doctors and we care and want to help where it is possible and because we can se do…

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I Wayan Erik Wahyudi.

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