Silver Power Pendants is a unique combination of three crafts from Balinese culture: The masks and their Balinese craftsmen. The traditional spiritual dancers, and their dances, and the”Balian Sakti”, men and women’s practice of natural healing medicine and ancient knowledge.

We use the words Healing and Stimulation to describe the feelings and influences that the silver pendants have on the body. These are the words users use to describe the health effects of our power silver pendants.

Our material is not alternative medicine and CAN’T be used as a substitute for a professional doctor’s knowledge and insight. If both are used and combined at the same time, we ask you to be careful with your body and mind. Please be responsible.


There are no secrets we hold on to. Every human being can create images that help others – Sharing and communicating with the help of images is what we all do.

The electronic version of our ability to communicate via images is called television.

The only difference is that where television sends thousand of images per second we fix a positive image into silver material. It can very well be that the known vibration from the silver pendant is a constant transmission into the body of the positive image.

The artists in Bali who implant images in silver pendants use their highly developed imaginative ability to concentrate the image in each drawing, and the silversmith implants the drawings in each handmade silver pendant.

When finished and being used by a human, the image automatically searches for the area in the human body where the disease generates. It is for us quite remarkable. It is what The Ultimate Healing Pendant does.

We understand the body as a wonderful machine composed of billions of images that interact with each other. The body is a wonderful building with billions of bricks that are finely designed to work together. If one of the unifying stones in the structure over time falls apart due to the influence of a negative image, it is necessary to repair the structure immediately with a positive repair, or the whole structure disappears.

When we humans arrive on earth, our body and soul are ready to play, live, love, and have fun. But when the question of the alienated tasks of life begins to lead the body away from its original plans, the journey on the beautiful green path becomes difficult and the original goals of our soul are derailed.

Negative images are constantly impacting our physical bodies and our mind. Which over time will block the natural flow of life force that is charged and flow in our spine.

Our body expresses blockages with physical pain, contractions, and depression that ultimately lead to damage to our organs. These blockages are derived from negative images.


The image implanted in a single silver pendant, intended to affect a symptom, removes the blockage and reopens the life force flow. No more no less.

For some, this may be an immediate release. But it can also take some time to completely remove negative images that are the result of an over-stressed body. A gentle massage on the spine opens up the flow of the healing image. It is not stimulated by faith and does not function as the placebo phenomenon.

When used the first time:

Not everyone experiences these pendants in the same way, and not all reactions seem immediately positive.

Sometimes the reaction can occur as a detoxification treatment. Negative images in the body hold on to toxic energy that is released from the body when a blockage is removed.

Pain controlled by the mind can result in symptoms that affect the body. Pain can intensify for a shorter or longer period of time. We understand it as it is the mind that struggles to hold on to what it does not need.

In these cases, we recommend that the silver pendant be removed and used again in variations of intervals until the mind finally releases you. This process can take some time and one should not expect immediate results.

This does not replace professional medical treatment.

.Our claims are not supported by scientific tests, experiments, digital analyzes, nor did we use any animals to ensure the healthy effect or side effect on body and mind. But we are as much as we can be, in constant contact with many of our users, and so far no one has reported any side effects or other reactions during prolonged use of silver pendants.

We recommend that the first use of the pendant take place in a safe place

Per Brahe responsible for the design

I Wayan Erik Wahyudi
Financial responsible.

It Works.!

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